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Provide exceptional service from the start, delivering high quality and convenience through a professional and friendly team our clients can trust!


Founded by Sebastian Jimenez in 2020, Rarity Auto is a Los Angeles born company that started as a small one-man team offering mobile detailing services. Within the first year of operations the company's services expanded greatly, adding things such as vinyl wraps, window tint, repairs and much more. There is no telling what the limit of Rarity Auto is but what we know for sure is we go further and further by the day!

Meet the Team


Sebastian J.

Founder & Director of Client Services

I founded Rarity Auto with a deep-rooted passion for cars and a vision to elevate the car ownership experience in Southern California. Growing up, I noticed the vibrant automotive culture had a gap in the market for a comprehensive auto care destination that combined meticulous detailing, precise repairs, and creative customizations under one roof. Inspired by the region's diverse car enthusiasts and their distinct tastes, I set out to create Rarity Auto as a haven for automotive enthusiasts seeking the finest care for their prized possessions. Our mission is to not only restore and enhance the aesthetic and mechanical aspects of vehicles but also to cultivate a community where car owners can share their passion, learn from one another, and enjoy a tailored approach to automotive services that truly reflect the individuality of each vehicle. Through Rarity Auto, I aim to transform the way people engage with their cars, bringing together exceptional craftsmanship, innovation, and a shared love for cars.

Logan Pohl Headshot 2_edited.jpg

Logan Pohl

Client Services Advisor

I have deep roots in the automotive industry as my grandfather worked for Chrysler as a union worker. I'm currently an auto broker as well. Cars have always been my biggest hobby and are my driving force in life as well. Rarity is perfect for me as I can put my full range of abilities on display. On the weekend You will most likely find me at meets and shows as well!

- Rarity Auto thanks everyone behind the scenes for their unseen contributions. -

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